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The Mynah Bird 1965 Toronto Star File

Jane Jacobs - "Urban Guru" speaks at recent event

Heritage designated Mt. Sinai hospital to be replaced by condo/hotel development, 8 and 18 storeys.

Shops on the south side of Yorkville Avenue, to be overshadowed by the proposed 10 storey hotel.


The Riverboat Coffee House, 134 Yorkville Avenue (1972)

Disputed tower wins approval
OMB, city support 18-storey project on Yorkville Ave.

Residents group miffed at decision but will not appeal
May 1, 2004
A controversial 18-storey condo tower in Toronto's historic Yorkville has been approved by the Ontario Municipal Board [Full Story]

Download The OMB's decision (pdf)

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City of Toronto Staff Report on the Future of Yorkville

  • This report was a result of SYHA's pressure & lobbying at City Hall in April 2003 to persuade council to defer the 100 Yorkville Development Project - for further Study
  • City Council approved the project by passing the By-Law and Official Plan amendments to allow the Development as submitted, but as a concession passed a Motion (J33) April 14, 15 & 16th 2003 for the Commissioner of Urban Development Services to  report on the "Planning and Future Development of the Village of Yorkville"
  • This positive step is the direct result of SYHA efforts
  •  "Council Sells Out Yorkville," John Sewell
    City council secretly advanced several million dollars to a development firm  [Full Story]

    "Jane Jacobs fights to preserve Yorkville"

    MARTIN KNELMAN Toronto Star

    The Village of Yorkville and Jane Jacobs entered their glory years in the same era, the 1960s. And so it seemed entirely appropriate that their paths crossed recently on a memorable and dramatic evening at the Heliconian Club on Hazelton Ave. [Full Story] 

    "Atwood, Jacobs Sound Battle Cry over Yorkville Condo Tower. 150 Meet to Organize Fight."
    Peter Kuitenbrouwer. National Post 15 January 2004. [Full Story]