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Mt. Sinai

Yorkville Avenue (north side at Bellair) # 76, 88R, 92, and 100; and 95, 115, 119, and 121R Scollard Street

On 16 April 2003 the City of Toronto approved a bylaw amendment which will allow an 18-storey building and an 8-storey building on and adjacent to the site of the heritage designated Mt. Sinai hospital (later a nursing home). The City is involved in financing the development, which throws into question the City's objectivity in decision making relating to the proposed development. (For more information, see John Sewell's article in Eye Weekly, posted on Newspaper Articles page.) SAVE Yorkville submitted a brief to City Hall identifying objections (click on link, below). SAVE Yorkville, the ABC Residents' Association, and the legal firm of Jansson and Associates are appealing the amendment and developer's proposal at the Ontario Municipal Board.  
On 14 January 2004, 7:00 pm, there will be a Community Meeting at the Heliconian Club, 35 Hazelton Avenue.  Please attend this important meeting to show your support.
On 16 February 2004, at 10:00 am, the OMB Hearings begin at the Ontario Municipal Board offices at 655 Bay Street, 16th floor. Please attend.

The following brief was given to David Miller: 


                                                Mount Sinai Development 

 Village of Yorkville


Executive Summary

The project is a two-phased mixed-use development located mid-block on Yorkville Avenue.  The development consists of an 8 and 18- storey condominium building with retail uses at grade and 6 townhouses on Scollard Street.

The proposal contradicts the City of Toronto Official Plan, the North Midtown Part II Plan, the proposed New Official Plan, the North Midtown Design Guidelines, the Bloor Yorkville Urban Design Guidelines, and the Citys report on The Planning and Future Development of the Village of Yorkville (June 6th 2003).

The proposed development will 

·          violate Yorkvilles existing built form and scale (adjacent buildings to the north are 2 and 3 storeys, to the south 2 6 storeys, to the east 3 6 storeys and, to the west 3 storeys). Placing high-density, street-unrelated residential uses in this context will diminish the areas existing character and special attraction.


·          destroy  the basic structure of the City which locates high-density buildings on the main corridors (Bloor Street, Bay Street, and Avenue Road) and protects vibrant, pedestrian neighbourhood enclaves.


·         erode the diversity of small, specialized, entrepreneurial retail that animates and provides the unique charm of the Yorkville area.


NOTE.  It is our understanding that Paul Bedford, chief planner for the City of Toronto, thinks that while the proposed development is a difficult issue, the existing proposal is clearly an inappropriate one which contravenes many of the citys planning policies and should without question be reviewed and reconsidered.


Project Description

The Mount Sinai development is located at 100 Yorkville Ave mid-block between Hazelton Avenue and Bay Street. The site consists of several lots that include the original Mt Sinai hospital site and a public parking lot.


The project is a mixed-use development to be built in two phases:

·         Phase One is an 18-storey tower, 55.6 meters in height, located at the eastern end of the site. The 18-storey tower will include 152 units, a 2-storey retail podium, and 126 below grade parking spaces. 

·         Phase Two consists of an 8-storey building, 28.4 meters in height, which includes 45 units, a 2-storey retail podium, and 234 below grade parking spaces.

The historical Mt Sinai façade will be preserved, moved, and then integrated into the building podium. Six, 3-storey townhouses will be built fronting on Scollard St. 

·         Of note: the City has a direct financial interest in the property.  It assisted with the financing of the purchase of the property by providing a $4.25 million second mortgage on the property (25% of the original purchase price).  This mortgage, which they still hold, is in consideration for future public parking which will not be provided until and if Phase 2 of the development is completed.



General Area By-law 438-86

Site Specific

By-law 382-93

Developers Proposal 2003


2.0 and 3.0

3.0 and 3.2



12.0M and 18.0M

West -16.5M

East- 28.8M

West bldg 28.4M

East bldg. 55.6M



Development Contravention

The development contravenes the following City policies and By-laws:

  • The Official Plan Part I,
    • Section 3A. (h), which establishes specific provisions for lands 50 metres on either side of Yorkville Avenue between Bay Street and Avenue Road.
    • Section 3.13 (a), which state, council shall encourage buildings and structures that harmonize with neighbouring developments.
  • The North Midtown Part II Plan
    • By-law178-87, section 4.1.B, which designates this area as an Area of Special Identity and requires Council to employ available powers of regulation and review to encourage developments that are compatible with the existing forms and uses in the area.

o        Section 2.2 North Midtown Design guidelines and the Bloor Yorkville Urban Design Guidelines

  • The Proposed New Official Plan
    • For mixed-use areas, states the requirement to locate/mass new buildings to provide a transition between areas of different development intensity/scale (particularly to lower scale Neighbourhoods designations).
    • The Citys proposed New Official Plans site specific policy #211 for the Village of Yorkville requires  Development will be compatible with the existing character of i) Low-scale buildings that are generally converted houses w/ additions set back from the street line; ii) Continuous retail shops and services along the street frontage, with entrances often located a half level below or above the street level
    • The Planning and Future Development of the Village of Yorkville (City of Torontos report June 6th 2003)
    • This report reinforces all the Citys previous policies, stating that it is important in considering new development proposals that the City preserve the village-like setting and Victorian character where it is logical to do so.  New developments should be of high architectural quality, fit with the built form and architectural context of the area.

 Project Status


·        Toronto City Council approved the Official Plan amendment and site specific rezoning on April 16, 2003.  (Mayor David Miller voted against the amendment).  The development was approved despite a letter of objection signed by 50 prominent Toronto citizens, a petition signed by over a thousand people, and hundreds of letters from local residents and the public-at-large. 


·         The Save Yorkville Heritage Association, the ABC Residents Association, and The Greater Yorkville Residents Association (GYRA) are now appealing the development at the OMB.


The OMB hearing will begin February 16, 2004. 

Request To Amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law Combined Application. Dated Feb 20, 2003. Click below to download

click here to download file

Further Background Information, click on the following. All documents are in Microsoft Word format.




Developer's Proposal: 76, 92, and 100 Yorkville Avenue. (Mount Sinai Hospital Site) as of May 16th, 2002. Click below to download

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Applicable By-Laws for Mount Sinai Site. Please click below to download.

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