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Save Yorkville

"York Row" on Yorkville west of Hazelton, which developers want to replace with a 10-storey hotel.

Heritage designated Mt. Sinai hospital to be replaced by condo/hotel development, 8 and 18 storeys.

Shops on the south side of Yorkville Avenue, to be overshadowed by the proposed 10 storey hotel.


The Riverboat Coffee House, 134 Yorkville Avenue (1972)

The Village of Yorkville is under threat due to inappropriate development. Prominent heritage sites on Yorkville Avenue are currently at risk. Click below, for details.

16 February 2004, 10:00 am: Ontario Municipal Board Hearings for proposed developments at the Mt. Sinai site begin at the Assessment Review Board, Hearing Room D, 30th floor, 250 Yonge Street. Donations are needed to hire lawyers and expert planning and traffic witnesses.  How to Make a Donation
The OMB has approved the demolition of York Row.

What's Happening:

1. SAVE Yorkville is opposing the proposed development at the Mt. Sinai site. A fund-raising drive is currently underway (see below, under "What You Can Do to Help"). SAVE Yorkville and the ABC Residents' Association will attempt to save the heritage streetscape and lower the height of an 18-storey tower planned for 100 Yorkville Avenue (at Bellair). The hearings to present argument at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) are set for 16 February at 10:00 am, Assessment Review Board, Hearing Room D, 30th Floor, 250 Yonge St.   
2. The Hazelton Conservation District designation approved by the City of Toronto (appealed on Aug. 28th at the OMB--decision now pending) does NOT include Yorkville Avenue, Cumberland Avenue, Scollard Street, or the lower portion of Hazelton Avenue. The Heritage designation will do nothing to protect the commercial district of the Village of Yorkville from inappropriate development. The designation itself is being appealed at the OMB by a few local residents. The hearing date is set for 19 January 2003 at 10:00 am, 655 Bay St., 16th Floor.

City of Toronto Staff Report on the Future of Yorkville, 6 June 2003

What You Can Do:

-- Donate to the legal fund for the Mount Sinai OMB Appeal.
-- Donate time, services, or cash towards legal fees and expert witnesses relating to the forthcoming OMB hearings. Click here: How to Make a Donation.

 -- E-MAIL:  <> or phone: 416 920-2589, or write: SAVE Yorkville, c/o 105 Hazelton Avenue, Apt. 8, Toronto, ON   M5R 2E4.

-- about the plight of Yorkville and e-mail the link to this website.